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Bratislava, Petržalka (map)

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+421 948 413 877

(+421 948 413 877)

Please tell me when you call me, that you found me at privatportal.sk, that I knew you are serious customer.

  • Hair:red
  • Breasts:5
  • Measures:102-70-98
  • Weight:58
  • Height:163
  • Age:41
  • City:Bratislava, Petržalka (map)
  • Location:Pri TPD-Vavilovova
  • Languages:
    • slovak
    • czech
    • english
    • russian
    • french
  • Escort:no
  • Experience:Professional
  • Prices:www.eroticka-masaz.sk
  • Practics:
    • massage
    • classic sex
    • oral
    • men's anal
    • piss
    • soft s/m
    • striptease
    • escort company
    • autoerotic
    • fetish
    • bathing
    • deep throat

Angel Fun and Queen Touch

WWW.EROTICKA-MASAZ.SK-PRICES + and services DETAILED in "BLOG" http: eroticka-mPut yourself in the hands of PROFESSIONAL! I ALSO HAPPEN SURRY CALL HAPPEN AT LEAST 1 hour in advance! (max 21, 30-last visit) -I don't work every day-but I respect clients and prepare for each separately !. I will gladly call back if I write off Level, I offer and require discretion- 18.12.-DATES occupied!
Gentlemen who are looking for something special and RELAX WITHOUT TIME STRESS - WILL COME REALLY TO YOUR AND WILL LEAVE WITH A SMILE ON THE PEN AND MAXIMUM SATISFACTION. THE WHOLE BUILDING CASE IS IN WONDERFUL, STILL AND TABACKS. YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU WISH TO DESIRE. I AM ALONE AT MY HOME. In addition to the masseuse, I am also a WOMAN and due to my practice and education I can afford to combine various massage practices and HOW I will not be a virgin, sometimes I SHOULD.

YOU CAN ORDER 1 HOURS OR A FEW DAYS OR HOURS BEFORE a certain day and time - I will arrange and prepare for your visit as far as I can, please indicate at least the estimated length of the visit. If you dont write sms-but not 100! I do not order in writing.

www.eroticka-masaz.sk/blog. I am alone and manage and write my personal w-page. and .. I guarantee you an unforgettable experience in the form of relaxation, release of sexual tension, I am open to all forms of "Your and my program" discreetly with the condition of maximum health protection. Detailed schedule and info: my private page "BLOG" -www.eroticka-masaz.sk. I write only briefly on the Amateurs portal, I have written everything in detail on my PRIVATE PAGE (erotic-masaz. En / blog). E-mail: cicolinalilu @ gmail. com and a reasonable price can be agreed with me. All programs can be customized on site, or you leave it to me) I'll explain everything and you decide. QUALITY AND EXPERTISE, DISCRETION, MAXIMUM PROFESSIONAL RELATED TO INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EACH CUSTOMER SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS-
OFFER: -on www.eroticka-masaz.sk I have written everything and that can be improved. Using the "PRO LONG" technique, I use my intuition to delay the orgasm so that the "JUUJ" is not just an "ordinary" climax, but BIG and all-body. My energy ´ + Your towards me = "-" result = 0 but there are men who can not just relax and receive - then I can adjust it so that the orgasm is + 200%! -You can touch — if you want — basically anything but the mucous membranes. Everything has its pros and cons. Decide for yourself - best on the spot. We have enough time to talk! I hate something "quickly" -I'm fine- You'll enjoy MAXIMUM. So take your time! (see my page!)
I recommend. : Tantra Mix 1 / 90min. Mix massage program - from every corner - a bit Used in one massage elements Tantra, nuru, erotic whole body, breast hands, mega orgasm if you want a therapeutic to relax stiff muscles = 130 € (Happy end-as much as you want)
Special offer for those who believe that only sex can be released:
TANTRA massage elements like foreplay, stepping into a slow nurse with increasing intensity and eventually your involvement with ending sex as a cherry on the cake. 1h = 100 €
2h- 170 €.
During massages, I tend to be naked, unless you wish otherwise.
For me, maximum client satisfaction is essential and if I don't want to mess around I have to focus on you and your sensitive places that you didn't even know you had
If we slip by chance to sex - only with PROTECTION It can spontaneously come close to everything! I'm not frigid. SEX IS NOT SOLVING THE "FIRST PLAN" and I believe that you are not the first to solve your age!
Inexperienced without worries. I don't look at my watch because I don't like stress and bustle. The atmosphere is enhanced by the aroma of candles and captivating relaxing music. PRICES ARE GUIDELINES AGAINST WHEN WE ARE DECORABLE. Happy end as much and as you want
HIGHEST PROGRAMS- (others on erotic-massage in BLOG)
I recommend: Tantra Mix 90min = 130 €
2 / 1h-erotic massage + happy end Tantra PLUS with cherry on the cake - 100 €
3 / Royal massage - 2h-Tantra elements combined with nurse and empathic tricks to increase pleasure, bubble bath feet, lava stones + happy end, 160 €
4 / Massage for demanding - 2 hours +++ approx. 200 € - program by agreement
6 / INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS PRICE AGREEMENT AND ON PAGE. (for horseshoes, with story, without massage with foreplay, etc. massage in the shower,)
My specialty and priority is to pamper you with gentle and sliding touches of my hands, body, breast with an unbelievable top at the end.
Education: Tantra coach, classical massage masseur, physiotherapist, psychologist-sexologist, psychology with a focus on positive thinking and psychoanalysis. (o. i.) practice: including school for 20 years
You can find me in Bratislava-Petržalka at Euronics - TPD.
Free parking can be found here even without the application parking all around if even better free parking - registration on the mobile application URBI-Petržalka - I offer access to my wifi, or I can do on my phone. for you Flag "Farského", bus95, el. 1


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