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queen of touch (41)
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Bratislava, Petržalka (map)

ID: 6728


Please tell me when you call me, that you found me at, that I knew you are serious customer.

  • Hair:red
  • Breasts:5
  • Measures:102-70-98
  • Weight:58
  • Height:163
  • Age:41
  • City:Bratislava, Petržalka (map)
  • Location:Pri TPD-Vavilovova
  • Languages:
    • slovak
    • czech
    • english
    • russian
    • french
  • Escort:no
  • Experience:Professional
  • Practics:
    • massage
    • classic sex
    • oral
    • men's anal
    • piss
    • soft s/m
    • striptease
    • escort company
    • autoerotic
    • fetish
    • bathing
    • deep throat

Angel Fun and Queen Touch

Call for at least 1h. in advance.
Reservéeven a few fingers or days in advance . A complete description of "how it goes with me", including all the prices, see my private site I'm doing and writing myself
I DO NOT TAKE PLACE FOR THE SEX-but when the massage can happen, we can change the program if the irresistible spark jumps, sometimes the program can be changed in the phone, but you can not cheer me with my charm?

My massage is not a soulless smoothing. With perceptible empathic touch I can bring you up to a deep whole-body orgasm if I do not touch you with anything better than sex - then you will have it at the price of massage (first try to persuade your touch)
For a shorter time period, EXTRA EXPERIENCE can not be achieved.

All the actions that fall under the term "sex" are basically LEN PROTECTED, and based on the "how to develop" creed - NOT SURPRISED.
In the morning, it is better to order a day in advance.

I'm a certified masseuse but also a distinguished woman who is not a stone. First of all, I think of your well-being.
Distinguished Gentlemen on the level are welcome, without age limitation. I find RELAX WITH NO TIME STRESS AND ALL THAT YOU WILL HELP TO REMAIN THE RELAXING TIMES OF HIS FREE TIME. with unbelievable climax and surprise at the end. Happy End - can be different forms in case of sympathy even SEXOM. Number of peaks-unlimited.

If you are a gourmet - you will not want to leave ... If you want to experience the RELAX and the RELAX, you will definitely come to your own. Lili
Every visit and program can be tailored to your wishes - but best to tell your pre-arrival wish - at least the estimated time span.
There is no agreement to change the program on the spot
She studied various types of massages (from the very foundation - classical massage with the certificate of the Ministry of Education of the SR), reflexive, acupressure, massage, so- therapeutic massage) to Tantra and Nura Massage not only in Slovakia but also in Bohemia, and last time I learned in Thai school. I have more than enough practice and certificates to know what to do with a pleasant male body to be supplemented. ALL MY PROGRAMS OF THE MASSAGE SEE EROTICALLY-TO SEXUAL LADIES with a whirling HAPPY-ENDOM by choice. -Application and addition to your choice I add a therapeutic massage, a reflex massage of the feet with a pearl bath. I work almost every day and evening.
specific questions: cicolinalilu @ gmail. com.
photo -2018.

With fine relaxation music, we'll give you a taste of your ideas, and we can talk to you if you have something to worry about or just throw a word. I'll start sucking you slowly, and together we can go to the shower. If you come all the fragrant, freshly cracked, I will not be able to fuck you again. When you tease Thee, I'm going to make a smaller stripper in front of the mirror when I slow your body. It's up to you to have your eyes open or closed. What will make you more comfortable? I'll take you to a bedroom where a clean big couch waiting for you will be waiting for you to put on my stomach. Then I will start to light and slowly massage a pleasant warm natural oil and you will experience another phase of surprising excitement, or the awakening of senses. With delicate touch, the senses will sparkle and the sequel is already based on our mutual agreement with some of the massage and ending with my hands, oralelik, ddepthroatom or sexik. (Only with protection all) I let you relax after a massage, besides I will love you and let you enjoy getting up.

No alarm clock. Before leaving, you can take a shower, dry it, no one else besides me can do us.
I recommend.
"From Every Splash a Little" - Mix Tantra, Nuru, erotic massage with any climax -
90 minutes = 120 € (Happy end-like - or leave it to me)
Royal massage - 2 hours - 160 E
Men's anal, strap-on, prostate massage, Deeptrhroat- is a 90-minute massage.
Free intimity relax - I adapt to your wishes: from 1h - 90 €
Nuru massage - 1h = 90 €
Free program - 1 hour = 80 €
separate intimate massage 30min = 60 € (oral only with protection)
Massage with a story: from 90min the price from 130 € depends on the story and the actual length of the visit (20min upwards do not count)
Mutant Tantra massage - about 2 hours + (do not look strictly on your watch) = 170 € (ACTION)
Royal massage for demanding 200 € +. (more toss and action-therapeutic full-body massage part) - or at the request of ... More
You can find me at Euronics-TPD in Petržalka, bus: 95, 84, tram: 1, 3-stop Farského


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