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+421 948 413 877

(+421 948 413 877)

Please tell me when you call me, that you found me at privatportal.sk, that I knew you are serious customer.

  • Hair:red
  • Breasts:5
  • Measures:102-70-98
  • Weight:58
  • Height:163
  • Age:41
  • City:Bratislava, Petržalka (map)
  • Location:Pri TPD-Vavilovova
  • Languages:
    • slovak
    • czech
    • english
    • russian
    • french
  • Escort:no
  • Experience:Professional
  • Prices:www.eroticka-masaz.sk
  • Practics:
    • massage
    • classic sex
    • oral
    • men's anal
    • piss
    • soft s/m
    • striptease
    • escort company
    • autoerotic
    • fetish
    • bathing
    • deep throat

Angel Fun and Queen Touch

Until 21.10.2019 I do not massage. At this moment from 10 to about 20h I can talk to you by phone but not sure whether I will not go from 26.10 again for 5 days outside Slovakia.
WWW.EROTICKA-MASAZ.SK-PRICES + and services DETAILED in "BLOG" http: eroticka-masaz.sk/blog I wrote EVERYTHING there! -Only when I can't answer the phone write sms (it can't always be)
on Saturdays my dates are busy-what can be changed.
Call if you want to order at least 1h in advance You can also make a PRELIMINARY email by cicolinalilu@ gmail.com. You can also order in advance a few hours or days, (then we will confirm it - of course) In the morning - by phone 1 day in advance. ONLY If you don't call me, write a SENSIBLE SMS or E-mail. If the SMS will no longer respond - only if we agreed real by phone at the meeting. I am an experienced massage therapist with a CLASSIC MASSAGE LICENSE, TANTRA MASSAGE, THAI MASSAGE, 2nd degree Reiki (working with energy) and many other massage certificates and many years of experience. I studied mainly abroad. I have anatomy, acupressure points, sensitive zones, chakra unblocking, meridian pathways. First time I don't offer sex - I don't exclude it - everything can come close to a massage. When by chance-so exclusively with protection. (I do not offer sex itself - if the situation goes wrong - I am not frigid and sometimes I can withdraw from the strict position "only masseuses")
Availability is always indicated for a given day or week only. If you do not deal with priority, you are welcome. I like my job very much, I am happy if someone walks away from me happy and with a blissful smile on his lips, feeling like he was in heaven during an orgasm. ALL PROGRAMS CAN BE ADJUSTED, COMPLETED, CUSTOMIZED. or I can make a "special offer" specifically for you ..
If it is necessary for me to cancel the agreed date (it can happen to me anything), confirm I try to write at least in time - if you wish more discreet way - I can call from another number - or as agreed. More sure is if you order in advance. If you cannot come and log off I will NOT ACCEPT YOU. Photos are NATUR to see REALITU- 06/2019 (although sometimes + - 3kg in two days)
Choose from offer-more at: http: // erotic-massage. com / blog:
a / Happy end-how many and as you wish-applies to all prostate massage programs, possibly -strap-on included in the massage rates from 90min (inclusive) -or possible by agreement. You can touch me at all (although TOUCHES AND SEX I DO NOT RECOMMEND - I explain personally - you decide for yourself.) Mega orgasm, little "wellness".
I recommend 1 / 90min. Mix massage program (FAVORITES WITH VACSINA CLIENTS) - from every corner-a little Tantra, nuru, erotic whole body, breast hands if you want strap and prostate massage + mega orgasm if you want therapeutic relaxation stiff muscles = 130 €
2 / Royal massage - 2h - 160 € -Tantra elements combined with the nurse and empathic tricks to increase pleasure, bubble bath feet, lava stones
3 / Massage for demanding - 2 hours approx. 200 € -program by agreement
4 / Massage with story - 1h - 110 €, 90min - 140 e
5 / 1h-erotic massage + happy end - 100 € - (it's little time!)
6 / Short massage of intimate parts 30min = 60 € - Only if I have little work.
especially there are still many options!
The price does not depend on time, but also on the energy I have to spend on someone — and not necessarily physical energy.
I would like to welcome you to my AIR CONDITIONED clean apartment. For all massages on offer- I can provide a reasonable discount. The site IS MY PRIVATE, I AM NOT A BUSINESS ON IT. Orders ONLY PHONE-NO SMS! Erotic tantra is not about Buddhas, beautiful looking young masseuses or the inviolability of a masseuse and luxurious spaces, but about RELAX and TOUCH FEELING-Touches are targeted, not mindless stroking. I involve the knowledge of erogenous zones and acupressure points to increase pleasure as well as elements that do not "belong" to the massage but increase your pleasure. Confidentiality, health and guarantee of the meeting US TWO in the presence of unwanted eyes I GUARANTEE.
Tantra massage is especially deeply intimate and discreet. Exchange of feelings and energies between two people, not a "group party". Dynamic, gentle, spontaneous, even animal or mutual-depends on nature, the mental condition of the client and agreement. The pleasure you feel with my clever hands or the body (NURU) is nothing else, I believe that if you like tender touches, you will melt with bliss.
With sensible touches, I will bring you to heavenly relaxation. You have as many options as nowhere. MY PROGRAMS ARE EROTIC-TO SEXUALLY TUNING with the roaring HAPPY-END of choice, complemented by a therapeutic massage, reflex foot massage with a bubble bath. Each massage can be with touches
I focus on erotic touches taken from the elements of Tantra massage, Nuru, erotic
"Pure" Tantra - or mutual Tantra, is not a purely and primarily sexual experience, but it has elements of sexuality and can be taken as a "prelude". What you expect from this massage is important.
I do not massage from-to-but as we agree with phones I take if I can about 21h (I have other duties, and I do precise, so it is physically and mentally demanding.
I'm looking for a photographer and a filmmaker.
Next to Euronics-TPD, parish flag


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